Sunday, September 30, 2007


and then they suffocated his with his own toga!!!!!

soon he was dead .....

after a small scuffle

raechel got the hat !

leo had to settle for bow of cuteness..

and a complementary cuddle from his mum

picture by my sister mobile ^^ story by me
starring Rat , Leo , and Raechel
guest starring Tama the mum


once apon a time there was a great cat, he ruled over all he surveyed ...

but unbenownst to him his brethren plotted his demise....

they planned to steal his rulin' hat!!!!

leo was coporate scoundrel with one hell of a squint ,, he planned to use the rulin' hat for his own evil porpuoses ....

like felling all the trees within a hundred mile radius of the house .. (his own attempts proved futile)

raechel mearly wanted the crown because she knew it would make her look good.

first they snuck up on him ....
(blogger won't let me upload more pics sooooooooo to be continued ..!!)

Thursday, September 27, 2007

bitch log!

That's what blog means!
I think....
I don't have any pictures and stuff to upload (Not cuz I'm not drawing or anything like that, I draw twenty-four-seven, I'm just to lazly to scan any of it's not like I get much encouragment ...)
so I thought I'd actually talk about my life. I'm told that's what blogs are for...
hmmmm my life ... I don't really have one.
I write FAnfiction and draw fanart (hence the term crazy fangirl)in fact most of my life revolves around some cartoon or other (usualy Ed,Edd,n'Eddy but lately Camp lazlo)
I'm sorta a slash fan and concintrate most of my thoughts on moments like this

if i'm not thinking about cartoon characters I'm worrying about my cats...

who are always getting sick or lost, theres four of them so I've got my hands full.
and let me see I buy how-to-draw books to get better at drawing, I read books to get better at writing... in fact I spend alot of time trying to improve myself..I"m idealistic like that.
which is probably why I don't get much comments your not interesting if your not gonna gripe about something or other ...XDDD

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

what men are missing these days...

is puffy pants...

yup.. just look how sexy these guys are...

*hearts* <3 i'm in love!