Tuesday, October 31, 2006

sketchieness and stuff

just some sketches for the hell of it i'd have more posts if i submit my sketches . i don't really ever stop scribbling
i just noticed that there's some t.v cartoon characters stuffed in there two at least , i have no regrets only that i wish they were eene sketches , i haven't drawn them for a while speaking of eene. my sister scared the pant off of me with this!!!

this is why i love her


scottdiggs said...

Mine favorite sketch is the little cat-very nice.

miss 3awashi t said...

thanks ^^
your comment are always very much apreciated

Hryma said...

Like your work, very impressive.
Forgive me if I'm daft but what's 'eene'?

miss 3awashi t said...

it stands for ed,edd,n'eddy a cartoon show on cn