Tuesday, February 24, 2009

i feel good! tanananana

feelin' pretty good about my self today, but then it doesn't take much to keep me happy...

my eyes don't usually uncross when i'm happy, they tend to do that when someone takes a picture of me cuz their both camera shy.
scott underwood commented on my blog again.

which makes me feel abit bad cuz i haven't been comenting on HIS blog lately. which is bad of me cuz he's one of the people on my list of heeerooos. one day i will post my list of heroes, probably out of boredom.

i've also been watching criminal minds lately, and now everyone seems to be a crazy psychopath.

on one hand i love phychopaths because their halairios as villians, one the other hand, i hate them because if i ever run into one he'll paint his walls with my blood, clip my toenails and other such horrors..

and heres some more stuff...

^ thats harv from my sunday strip warriors U. he's wondering where his pants are...

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