Tuesday, October 27, 2009

bazinga (character fair day1)

whew, i'm back from the first day of the character fair
here's my booth :) all done with freebees set out

lot's of important pll were there so heres me being nervous..

sha3biat al cartoon had a booth with tooooyyyyyss (i have some of those plushies, i got them at festival city) heidar wasn't there,, shame, he's really nice he gave me a free season 1 dvd last year. hopefully he'll be there tommorow

this is daddy's friend he's journalist, i gave him one of my promotional booklets and was amazed at where he put it.

the sheikh (i forget his name) passed around all the booths with this entourage, if he likes what you do he'll fund you with his riches
i gave him one of my booklets too

one of the girls in the booth across from me, they were doing some kinda woodshop thing, made this for me


this is the gate as i left at the end of the day

and this is a cool tree i saw outside near the parking


Steph said...

wow looks like you had fun!

Luvvy said...

Wow, so cool. Hope tomorrow's a blast too! ;3

Anonymous said...

holy shizz.
Hevvin in Harvs clothing.
Couldn't help but giggle like the fangirl inside somehow got control of my .. giggle..making..thing..
ahem, that looked like fun. c: