Wednesday, May 16, 2007

lots of water hold the mercy

i painted this with acrilics this morning >< i'm not very good with them yet i tend to use all kind of paint like i use water colours, lots of water hold the mercy
all my paints are a complete mess i tryed to get back to painting and ended up spring cleaning! (i know its not spring) dozens of dried up tubes had to be thrown away, all my brushes are begging me "kill us now! kill us us now!" they say "we can't take it anymore" they cry through their tattered bristles. they didn't say this instantly of coure i had to find them first, they were in the kitchen and by the looks of them someone had been using them to baste chickens. and my parents wonder why i wanna move out.
i'm buying a lockable cuboard or something for my paints this weekend
... this is a brick >> v


Nara said...

Awww... poor brushes D:
Btw. That is a really sexy brick <3

javvie said...

maybe you shall use less water?