Thursday, May 03, 2007

scott underwood's my hero

scott underwodd is reason i draw double-d blond
scott underwood also draws the best eene cn comics, i'll know i'll like it if it's been penciled by scott underwood...
i even recently saw an eene ep directed by him

it's my favorite ep this season! i didn't even notice the director name at first so it's not like it's a bias thing i don't usualy pay much attention to the director's name it usualy always danny i'm usualy paying attention to the storyboard artists looking for raven.

ed's so sweet and such a good drawer ^^

AND scott underwood is ONLY peson who commented on my blog more than once! thank you scott! you'r the best! *hug*


javvie said...

Buu... We, in Poland, haven't that season showed yet TT_TT. I saw your article at :). You know what you talking about, I think that episode is really the best :).

I love your wonderful gallery on DA! Keep it up :).

(uh... I specially must registered myself to comment heheh ^^")

miss 3awashi t said...

heh thanks for going thru all that trouble to comment

javvie said...

no prob. now, i even have a blog :]]