Sunday, July 15, 2007

3d makes me cry

it hurts my head. really. i have no idea why anyone would choose to spend ages tweaking knobs and buttons all day instead of picking up a pencil and doing it the easy way. it's efficient and it's pretty.
3d needs alot of computer space and tedios work just to look half-way decent!
i blame men for this travisty no woman likes buttons (cept deedee) men on the other hand love them. men are to blame for all the twiddly bits in cars.

the only fun thing in 3d (fun for the animator not the veiwer who'd get bored and jelous) is that when u have a character all rigged and working you can stick his foot in his head and his nose in his ear. funfunfun , like virtual dolls.
sadly no-one has picked up on the market value of this
kids will love it.

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