Thursday, July 19, 2007

aww baby mime

i'm taking a course in 3d animation, i know a posted earlier about how much i don't like 3d but what can i do there are no 2d animation courses here. i asked around about this travisty and got funny looks apparently dubai ( pronounced do and buy btw) is way to modern a city to have anything to do with anything with the word traditional in it, unless it brings in tourists.
so i'm taking this course mostly to pass the time till i'm twenty and old enough by my mother's standards to leave the house and seek education outside the country.
anyway here a mime baby thing i'm in the middle of making. he's sucking his thumb. from a diffrent angle his humb is peircing his bottom lip

i'm hoping to finish him before i leave this summer

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mingkhin said...

Just wondering, why don't you make 3D renders of the cartoon characters you often draw?

A 3D camp kidney would look awesome :D

(I don't really know how hard/easy it is to render things to 3D so 4give me XD)